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Pippa Wright

This competition has now closed. Thank you for your entries... And good luck!

I doubt there is anybody who doesn't know that the London 2012 Olympic Games are just around the corner. This summer is set to be a great time for sport, with many of us deciding to get active after being inspired by the coverage we will see on TV, online and in newspapers. Coca‑Cola is helping to make this year’s Olympic Games the most sustainable so far, and I'm very pleased to see that at the same time as sponsoring the Games they are working with the charity StreetGames to provide disadvantaged young people with access to sport.

When Coca‑Cola asked if I would like to host a sustainability challenge for them, I knew that I would like to be part of an active/healthy lifestyle challenge because that is what is important to me. Even better, Coca‑Cola is providing two of the people who take part in my challenge with a pair of tickets to see athletics at the London 2012 Olympic Games on the evening of Tuesday 7th August! Read on to find out how to enter...

As those who read my blog PippaWorld know, I’ve joined a gym recently and whilst I’m loving the 6am starts (honestly, the day goes better when started that early!), I know that I’m lucky that I can afford this.

StreetGames supports a network of projects across the UK to give sports and volunteering opportunities to young people in disadvantaged communities. This is such a positive Olympic legacy, because as more of our young people take part in sport, more in turn will be able to take inspiration from them in the future - and those of us that do will all be able to lead more active and healthy lives.

I recently joined the gym as I knew that I had to take serious action to improve the amount of activity in my life and also to improve my health. I am out of shape and I don’t want my legacy to my family to be that of no exercise and ill health. The gym, my family and my friends are very supportive of my goals and know my reasons for wanting to lose weight and get fit, and are setting me lots of different challenges over the next few months. I’ve even agreed to take part in a bit of long distance running later in the summer, as it was something that I loved as a teenager and I've even agreed (in theory) to run a marathon with my sister next year! We'll have to wait and see about that one though.

Anybody who knows us from A Mother's Ramblings, knows my family and I already go for long walks and a weekly swim - but more aerobic exercise wasn’t something that we did together. To change this, I've told my children that this summer they are in charge of my exercise outside of the gym and they have to participate with me. This has led me to be playing football, running around the park in games of tag and even a brief session on a skateboard!

I’ve always known that exercising together is a good way to bond and to have fun together while staying fit and healthy - but I didn’t realise that it would increase our confidence (even the smallest success is confidence boosting), encourage us to be more supportive of others because of the understanding of teamwork we'd develop, or help us to feel more committed to going for our own personal goals.

It is with this in mind that I set my challenge to you. My challenge is to get your family more active together. It might be that you walk the school run instead of driving, or that like us you go out for a weekly family bike ride or walk. If it is something that gets your family active together, then I want to know about it!

You can be as creative as you like with your post about how you and your family are being more active together. You could film a video of everyone participating in a sport, publish some photographs or even write a poem! Just make sure that you have a quick read of the rules and guidelines before submitting your entry below, and remember to link to this post too.

Good luck everyone... And don't forget to get active!

Just before you enter...

  • Make sure you're fully familiar with these guidelines for bloggers in advance of writing your post. It's important to stick to them if you'd like to win!
  • Please also read the full terms and conditions that apply to the competition.
  • The deadline for entries to the competition is Friday 13th July - so don't miss it! Winners will be contacted personally the following week, and I'll announce their names on Coca‑ on Monday 23rd July.
  • There are two competition prizes. Each is a pair of tickets to see athletics at the London 2012 Olympic Games on the evening of Tuesday 7th August 2012. Travel and accommodation will be provided as part of the prize.
  • If you have a question about this competition, please send @CocaCola_GB a tweet or direct message.

This competition has now closed.

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